Wednesday, August 21, 2013

अमावस - पूर्णिमा

हम अकेले में चलते रहे;
रात का अंधेरा छाया।
सूनी आँखों से यह अश्क़ बहे;
मन से छूटे न तेरा साया।
I kept walking alone
In the darkness of the night
Tears well out of my lonely eyes
Your shadow fails to leave my mind.

दिल के दरवाज़े पे लगाके ताला,
तनहाई कि बाहों में डूबे हम;
अपने अरमानों को खुद ही जला डाला;
अब जिंदगी में है बस ग़म ही ग़म।
Sealing the doors to my heart
I drowned in the arms of loneliness
Burning all my desires myself
With nothing left in life but anguish.
रौशनी कि आस तो छोड़ ही दी थी हमने,
पर एक उम्मीद कि लौ दिखी दूर कहीं।
मुस्कुराके जो बिजली चमकादी आपने,
अब दिल तो बस में रहा ही नहीं।
I had lost hopes of seeing light
But I could see a ray of hope in some distance
Once you smiled, my world lighted up
I cannot contain the happiness I feel now.

आपकी यादों में अब कटे हर घड़ी;
दिन कटते वह मुस्कान बढ़ती चली,
बादलों की आढ़ को पार कर खड़ी;
हम चलते तो लगता कि आप भी हमारे संग चलीं।
Time flies in your memories now
Your smile widened day by day
Standing past the cover of these clouds
I felt you walk with me at every step

पूर्णिमा को शान से निकल पड़े हम
करने अपने चाँद से प्यार का इज़हार।
चाँद कि वफ़ाई देख आँखें हुईं नम,
रह गया अधूरा हमारा यह प्यार।
I proudly left on a full moon night
To propose my love to my dear moon
My eyes became moist seeing the moon's loyalty
Our love remains incomplete!

Photo Courtesy: Anzal Saleem, Nilkanth Pathak and Abhinav Jain

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Obvious Choice

Venturing the path less trodden,
Had always seemed so distant;
I open my eyes and awaken,
To realize the dreams magnificent!

The day is ever so bright,

There's a spring in every step I take,
My mind is empty, my heart light,
I'm filled with joy for the life I'm going to make.

As I reach the gate, I pull up my shorts;

Take a deep breath in and memories come to me.
The life I left behind, family, friends and the sorts;
My little house, the small heaven, now seem like a huge fee!

I think that I should turn around,
And probably walk back;
I am so tightly bound,
My dreams I begin to pack!

I remember my father's pride,

My mentor's faith,
The longing eyes of my bride,
And the promises that made her wait.

I feel torn between the two,

The old green tree and the new sprout.
I know what I have to do.
There is absolutely no doubt!

Feeling all the more confident now,
I wear a winning smile;
I know I am one among the lucky few,
Who can go an extra mile!!

5th August, 2013

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