Saturday, October 17, 2009


I believe I can fly!!
Like all others, just as high.
Tell me how it feels like,
To be locked up in a cage??
And wish for freedom,
Like does a hostage;
Who am i blaming??
I locked myself in & swallowed the key;
But foolish me, still Dreaming of Infinity!
Hoping...... Hoping to be out there one day
Fly, fly, fly high; Every night, every day,
And finally reach the moon;
I'm sure, pretty soon!

Is it wrong that I Dream??
Or is it wrong that I Dream Big?!!
But my Dream is Hope
My Hope is my light.
Being trapped in myself,
That's my only way out!!
I'm confused, my Hope is my Guide....
And one day, I'll free myself
And climb, rise and rejoice.
Happiness, my destination;
Hope, my path;
My freedom, a struggle;
And me, on the Quest of......

Friday, May 1, 2009

GOD - The Creator

My concept of God is that God exists within every human being, and since there is symmetry in nature, if there is God - a positive force, there has to be an equal and opposite negative energy - Evil. God is our creator, and we are his children, he has vested his powers in us, trusting that we humans can do Good for this world, but we are misusing it. God is always above us, he's watching us. Both God and Evil exist in human mind, God always directs us to do good, and the evil always lures us with the desire for money, name and love - And then convert it to greed, fame and popularity, lust, selfishness, and what not!! It's up to us to listen to God and do what is right. God has given us a huge responsibility, he's given us a beautiful life to live, we have to make our life worthwhile.

God is pure, God is light which illuminates our path in the rough journey of life, so that we do not topple over and fall due to small obstacles, and learn to stand up and charge towards our goal. God's definition is beyond human understanding, God is divine, but powerless without human faith, will and belief, God works through us, and if listen to him, it's a job well done, if not, it wont be late till we ourselves take this beautiful world to destruction. We people are getting divided at the name of caste, creed, religion, language, racism and status. There's no use fighting over these issues, we shouldn't disrespect each others faith, religion and beliefs.

God is one, he has no form, God is a feeling of truth, trust, faith and protection. Our ancestors, for convenience, imagined God to have a form in which they could concentrate their faith and beliefs - Forms like Jesus, Allah, Bhagwan etc. But look at what it's lead to now..... It's sad, really sad that we fail to understand that we are all roots of the same tree, n if the roots are not strong enough, the tree will ultimately fall. It's a shame that we fail to see this and that we are letting this happen. We should believe that work is worship, I'm not a disbeliever of God, but too much worship doesn't do any good either, We should realize our responsibilities and that will be our tribute to God...

My very first blog...

I'm so very excited as this is my very first blog, I've always wanted to be able to express myself, my views, and communicate them properly to people, and I'm glad that I've got an opportunity to do it. My blog will be like a window, so that my friends find it easier to peep inside and try to understand me.... I dedicate my blogs to my parents, teachers, my friends and all the other people I come across in daily life, who've made an impact on my life with their actions..... Because what I am today is because of them. I thank one and all!