Friday, June 25, 2010


What is LIFE??
Life is an ADVENTURE, discovering new things, some expected, some unexpected!!!
Life is a BOON, GOD'S GIFT, love it, live it!!
Life is THE SEA, deep and dark, it is calm, but at times, turbulent......
Life is a WAVE, it rises and falls, reaching new heights fast and falling back to the ground!!
Life is the MOUNTAIN, we keep climbing, not knowing what's on the other side!!!
Life is a GAMBLE, you either play or lose!!
Life is a DREAM, it is beautiful, but you wake up to realise: what your eyes just saw, was a lie....
Life is a NIGHTMARE, it is scary, you have no option but to fight your fears!!!!
Life is a DESERT, scorching in the daylight and freezing in the darkness!!!
Life is a ONE-WAY ROAD, with many twists and turns, you cant take your wrong step back!!!
Life is JUBILIATION, miracles happen when you least expect them!!!
Life is a STRUGGLE, struggle within oneself and struggle against the world!!!!
Life is CHOCOLATE, it is bitter, yet people love it!!!
Life is a MYSTERY!!! How did it start??? Why does it have to end??
Life is a QUESTION, with no sure answers!!!
Life is LOVE, you happily give it everything you've got, regardless of whether you get it back or not!!!
Life is................. LIFE!!!..............