Saturday, October 17, 2009


I believe I can fly!!
Like all others, just as high.
Tell me how it feels like,
To be locked up in a cage??
And wish for freedom,
Like does a hostage;
Who am i blaming??
I locked myself in & swallowed the key;
But foolish me, still Dreaming of Infinity!
Hoping...... Hoping to be out there one day
Fly, fly, fly high; Every night, every day,
And finally reach the moon;
I'm sure, pretty soon!

Is it wrong that I Dream??
Or is it wrong that I Dream Big?!!
But my Dream is Hope
My Hope is my light.
Being trapped in myself,
That's my only way out!!
I'm confused, my Hope is my Guide....
And one day, I'll free myself
And climb, rise and rejoice.
Happiness, my destination;
Hope, my path;
My freedom, a struggle;
And me, on the Quest of......