Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear old Padmini

It was a rainy cold night
I saw a figure in the faint moonlight
It was Padmini, my dear old friend,
Pacing with valour from end to end!

The King was her driving force,
The one who guided her through the course.
As it rained through the night,
She made her way, shining bright!

Blinking down the way, through the storm,
Keeping her pace uniform;
Though she was rusty and old,
She braved weathers dusty and cold.

But it began to heavily pour,
She could not go on, anymore!
As she guarded a bunch of four,
She looked for shelter from door to door.

Finally, she took refuge in a barn,
Keeping the four, nice and warm.
As much as the cold tried to bite,
She wouldn't give up without a fight!!!

The night went by and the sun shined;
Dear Padmini was all over their heart and mind.
She turned out to be a great company,
What joy on board Premier Padmini!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gain of Loss

The view from the Hill
Takes my breath away
My hair flying with the cool breeze
And the clouds surrounding me.

Just for once, just for once
I wish to go up there
And see everything under me
Everything - so tiny

To feel like I'm flying
Up in the Golden Sky
With the sun setting by my side
And the Eagles flying by

I can now see my dream
Right in front of my eyes
Just a few feet away
Just a few feet high

Having come so far
Far away from others
I turn back to see
The ones who've climbed with me

Now, I"m living my Dream
After leaving others behind
Having gained a loss along with a gain
And finally I awake, awake in pain

This poem is dedicated to my four years of Engineering and beyond:)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why do we have the DARK and the DEMONS??

Isn't it amazing how this entire world is governed by symmetry? Where there is light, there is dark too, we see shadows only in the presence of light. Where there is GOOD, there is BAD too - I do believe in GOD and this makes me believe in the existence of DEMONs too!!!(It sounds like Newton's third law of motion to me :P) However, with great power comes great responsibility and this attracts greater danger from the evil.

This keeps the balance in nature they say, but I don't really see the need to have a balance. Yet, who am I to question the almighty, the creator of all?? So, let me put it in a different way, just so that it sounds more diplomatic - Well, I think we have this kind of local imbalance or asymmetry, leading to global balance, to just make us realize the value of the GOOD!!

However, the examples that I have given and am about to give might not directly give us a view of symmetry, but you have to dig deeper into it, in order to understand it.

Anyways, coming back to realizing values, we only feel the need to see light, when we want to come out of darkness! If light and only light were to be present all the time, we would not even have realized that something so exists and we would have probably taken it for granted. Similarly, when people live in complete darkness, they never seem to know that there is something called light, which would get them out of the dark!! A good example are the elephants tied up in the temples using flimsy ropes. They grow in belief that they can't free themselves, thus, unaware of their actual strength, they never do. Now, if we were to be in a situation like that, it wouldn't be that nice, would it??

We have the deserts and the ice;
The elephants and the mice,
The mountains and the seas;
The blue whales and the bumble bees!

Living among the extremes, that's the beauty of life, the adventure! Imagine if everything was the same, how boring our lives would be; nothing would've had it's own significance and beauty. There has to be something which makes us stand out in the crowd, and that something is what marks our individuality and gives us some value.

The riches and the poor might not have felt so if it weren't for each other. There would be nothing to look up to, and nothing to fear, if it weren't for this difference. Of course, there is a limit to this difference. The same analogy anyhow, may be applied for the GOOD and the BAD too, though it wouldn't be as simple, since there is a very thin line dividing them.

We feel joy only when we win over pain.
After every loss comes a small gain.
Fail to see it, you might;
But it's just like a day, after every night!

We are mere humans, we might not be able to see anything positive all the time, in negative circumstances. It's all in our perceptions, but, if we do see through all, then we will definitely know and realize that all life and matter revolves around symmetry.

Symmetry in imbalance need not always be found in different objects. It may reside in a single object at different times, or sometimes even simultaneously!!

Consider a star (Sun, for example), which shines bright; for everyone and everything it is the main source of illumination! But, as it dies, it turns into a black hole, gulping down every bit of matter or even light, in it's vicinity! Something which will help us understand this more clearly are the trees that surround us. They are known to behave differently in the morning from how they behave at night. Human beings are no less. Consider Einstein, one of the greatest and most intriguing brains in the history of science. He himself was known to have a bad memory and even common sense. (No offense! (I am one of his fans ;) )

All this just shows how beautifully GOD has brought in symmetry in every aspect of life. It is simply amazing!! WOW!!! This needs to be appreciated indeed!

Every rose comes with thorns,
Every decision has it's pros and cons!!

It is all intertwined so beautifully, and it is all above human understanding. The question, as to why it is so, is still unanswered. I think, some questions are meant to be left unanswered, because the more we try to figure it out, the more complex it grows. It's UNBELIEVABLE and MIND-BLOWING. It's simply BRILLIANT! I think it's best that I end it here, and leave the question open to others. Probably someone might just come up with a reasonable explanation! ALL THE BEST :)