Friday, June 25, 2010


What is LIFE??
Life is an ADVENTURE, discovering new things, some expected, some unexpected!!!
Life is a BOON, GOD'S GIFT, love it, live it!!
Life is THE SEA, deep and dark, it is calm, but at times, turbulent......
Life is a WAVE, it rises and falls, reaching new heights fast and falling back to the ground!!
Life is the MOUNTAIN, we keep climbing, not knowing what's on the other side!!!
Life is a GAMBLE, you either play or lose!!
Life is a DREAM, it is beautiful, but you wake up to realise: what your eyes just saw, was a lie....
Life is a NIGHTMARE, it is scary, you have no option but to fight your fears!!!!
Life is a DESERT, scorching in the daylight and freezing in the darkness!!!
Life is a ONE-WAY ROAD, with many twists and turns, you cant take your wrong step back!!!
Life is JUBILIATION, miracles happen when you least expect them!!!
Life is a STRUGGLE, struggle within oneself and struggle against the world!!!!
Life is CHOCOLATE, it is bitter, yet people love it!!!
Life is a MYSTERY!!! How did it start??? Why does it have to end??
Life is a QUESTION, with no sure answers!!!
Life is LOVE, you happily give it everything you've got, regardless of whether you get it back or not!!!
Life is................. LIFE!!!..............


  1. only the first n the last line makes some sense..

  2. AVI SAYS-the one thing i came to know after reading ur blog is ur very straight forward and love ur life too much.u are moved by the smallest turns that ur life takes.ultimately it is ur heart that has talked there and feels good to see people on this earth who still have such a goodheart.just to say one improvement dont scratch ur head about ur life god is there to take care- avi'sfeedback