Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear old Padmini

It was a rainy cold night
I saw a figure in the faint moonlight
It was Padmini, my dear old friend,
Pacing with valour from end to end!

The King was her driving force,
The one who guided her through the course.
As it rained through the night,
She made her way, shining bright!

Blinking down the way, through the storm,
Keeping her pace uniform;
Though she was rusty and old,
She braved weathers dusty and cold.

But it began to heavily pour,
She could not go on, anymore!
As she guarded a bunch of four,
She looked for shelter from door to door.

Finally, she took refuge in a barn,
Keeping the four, nice and warm.
As much as the cold tried to bite,
She wouldn't give up without a fight!!!

The night went by and the sun shined;
Dear Padmini was all over their heart and mind.
She turned out to be a great company,
What joy on board Premier Padmini!!!